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The Carbon Solution

Carbon-X is committed to using the latest in Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) technology to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by establishing the means of storing industrially-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) deep underground at suitable locations across Australia.   

CCS involves capturing CO2 emissions from industrial sources, transporting it to an injection site and pumping it deep below the surface for permanent storage - a process called geo-sequestration.  CCS is now internationally recognised as being part of the lowest-cost pathways to mitigate the impact of the build-up of CO2 in our atmosphere.  

This has the potential to allow Australia and the surrounding region to maintain energy security through the transition away from fossil fuels while still reducing the carbon footprint of existing energy sources.  


CCS is the only technology available to make deep cuts in the amount of CO2 emission into our atmosphere while still allowing the use of fossil fuels that power much of today’s energy infrastructure.    

The Carbon-X team have a wealth of experience in the practical and regulatory application of CCS and are committed to providing a commercial solution to address the need for us all to make a long-term commitment to climate change and cleaner energy.

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