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The Carbon Challenge

Our planet has entered a period in which its climate is changing more rapidly than ever experienced in recorded human history, primarily caused by the rapid buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.


Scientists have identified a number of risks from changing climate, including rising sea level, drought, heat waves, more severe storms, increasing precipitation intensity, and associated disruption of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


Additionally, elevated atmospheric CO2 is diffusing into the ocean, measurably acidifying surface waters and affecting marine ecosystems. Natural processes currently remove about half of our emissions from the atmosphere each year.


Once emissions cease, it will take thousands of years before those processes eventually return Earth to something like preindustrial levels of atmospheric CO2.

So the challenge facing all of us is how do we deal with the build-up of  COin our atmosphere?

Carbon-X Australia is going to be part of the solution.

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