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Carbon-X Australia has been established with investment from three companies involved in the sub-surface natural resource sector.

Havoc Partners LLP (Havoc) is a natural resources investment company focused on the oil and gas, precious- and base-metals and strategic noble gases. The five founding partners of the business are geoscientists who have worked together for more than 18 years and collectively have more than 100 years of international upstream experience.   The Havoc team were the founders of Fusion Oil & Gas plc (AiM;FOG) and Ophir Energy plc (LSE:OPHR). Ophir’s admission to the Official List of the London Stock Exchange in 2011 was the biggest ever E&P IPO in London and the most successful IPO for the year.   The Havoc team were also involved as the founders of Neon Energy (ASX:NEN) and Calima Energy (ASX:CE1) and 

various other unlisted energy companies in Africa and the United Kingdom.

The Havoc team bring a combination geoscience and commercial expertise.  As founders and management of a series of upstream companies they have been directly involved in IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions, equity issues, debt raisings and asset transactions to raise around $1 billion of investment capital.


Odin Reservoir Consultants (Odin) was established in 2004 and is recognised as one of the pre-eminent subsurface oil and gas consultancies in Australia.  Odin offers a wide range of services but has a particular expertise in static and dynamic modelling of oil and gas reservoirs which enables their clients to predict reservoir performance under various operating scenarios. 

In recent years Odin has applied their knowledge of reservoir modelling to the geological storage of carbon dioxide.  Odin has undertaken large scale static and flow modelling of CO2 sequestration projects and have advised foreign governments and the Western Australian Government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) on both Phase 3 and Phase 4 of the South West CO2 Geosequestration Hub.

Odin’s work on the South West Hub CCS Project in Harvey, Western Australia resulted in the identification and verification of a World 1st unconventional geological CO2 storage location.


Mike Walker has 35 years of experience, in major companies in the areas of reservoir evaluation and petrophysics, as well as working with teams planning the evaluation aspects of exploration and development drilling programs.  He established Walker Petrophysics (WP) in 2004 to provide geological and petrophysical advice and training to a broad range of commercial and Government clients which has included work on carbon dioxide sequestration in Western Australia.  


Mike is the Foundation President of the Formation Evaluation Society of Victoria, a chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts. He is also the Committee member of the Formation Evaluation Society of Western Australia (now the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia), and President 2014-2015. 

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